In cooperation with Susanne Kosian, owner of the Italian company INCANTO, and her team we launched the new initiative "visionhealth42". It was created and initiated in 2020, in the middle of the Corona crisis.
visionhealth42 is an international conference for the modern further development of European HealthCare and for strengthening international cooperation in the healthcare sector in Europe. The conference is scheduled to be held on 10-11th May 2022 in Trieste.

What can a digital network in healthcare look like at European level?
The #visionhealth42 conference has set itself the goal of working out this vision for Europe together.

The conference #visionhealth42 offers the ideal platform to
• strengthen international cooperation in healthcare,
• benefit from innovations,
• discuss data protection challenges and ethical concerns across borders,
• jointly shape a sustainable and strong healthcare system at European level.



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