Communication without limits! We overcome national and language borders. We create global formats and go beyond media limits.




• we prepare international press releases

• we write newsletters

• we organise press conferences

• we do the story telling

• we use international social media


A picture says more a thousand words:
Pictures and films trigger emotions, they illustrate texts and enhance messages.


Our Proposal

Communication for your Business

Strategic Communication and PR for your Business Development

We become acquainted with your product.
We detect diverse application scenarios of your product.
We create stories about some application scenarios with news ability. Consumers of popular media are touched.

We become acquainted with the unique selling proposition of your product.
We create stories highlighting the unique selling proposition of your product. Consumers of special interest media are informed.

We analyze the target group of your product.
We compose a media plan for the purpose of placing your marketing message as close to the reports as possible.


Press work for for towns and regions

We support public sector marketing of your town or region. We are convinced that some approaches are highly sucsessful. Look at our aproach:






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