Лучше вместе, чем один. Мы подбираем возможных партнеров по сотрудничеству, анализируем Ваш потенциал на рынке и делаем сравнительный анализ конкурентов, наводим для Вас контакты с сетями разных видов организаций, в том числе и с политическими.




• Разработка стратегии интернационализации

• Анализ рынка и потенциала

• Анализ конкурентов

• Анализы риска и доходности для Вашего проекта

• Адаптация Ваших маркетинговых операций к специфическим условиям конкретных стран, с учетом их культурных особенностей

• Выбор партнеров по сбыту

• Работа по созданию сети общения

• Поиски потенциальных партнеров по сотрудничеству

• Привлечение клиентов


Преимущественно для Вас:
Для расширения Вашего бизнеса за границу, Вам не нужно создавать для этого отдельные организационные структуры. Мы будем Вашим отделением интернационализации!


Наше Предложение

Business Development in Austria

Preparation of your Market Entry

Analysis of the Austrian market in regard to your product
We analyze the Austrian market for your product category, the competitors, your market potential and the legal framework for selling your product in Austria.
Preliminary information about prospective sales and product partners
We detect potential cooperation partners in Austria and in the whole German-speaking DACH-region. We suggest your prospective sales and product partners in a longlist together with a short description of each sales partner. In coordination with you we analyse and rank them.
Preliminary information talks with prospective sales and product partners
We meet your selected prospective cooperation partners in business settings and discuss the compatibility with your product.
Translation of your website and brochures
We translate your website and brochures into German language. Our team consists of certified simultaneous translators for all European languages as well as the leading languages in Asia.
Participation in fairs and business events in Austria
Dependent on your product, either fairs or congresses are crucial to present your products and services to prospective Austrian clients. We detect those events which are relevant for your success in Austria and negotiate a stand or a participation for you.

Accompanying measures for your market entry

Press work
So that a lot of potential clients get the information about your product and your new presence on the Austrian market we communicate stories about you and your product in Austrian media. We focus on both, print and online.
We organise press conferences and dependent on your product distribute samples to the journalists.
Business trips with journalist
We are maintaining contacts with many spezialised journalists. We would nominate a delegation of specified size. We offer attendance and support during the press trip. We organize the transport to the meetings, organize translators and provide support in all other questions from the participants during their stay.
Media Campaigns
In coordination with you we compose a media plan so that your message gets a broad coverage in all those media channels your potential clients make use of.
Product Presentations and acquisition of key accounts
Your product needs to be presented to your potential clients as often as possible. We develop a presentation concept for your product and acquire prospective clients for your successful expansion in Austria.
We service representations of different industries, associations, public corporations and political institutions in the German-speaking DACH-region.
Continuous conversation with your business partners
We assist you continuously in the conversation with your local cooperation partners. 

Special: Commercial Vehicles

Special: Business Development for Commercial Vehicles


Preparation of your Market Entry

• Mutual short market analysis to predefine strategy objectives
Some product categories are prevalent distributed by public purchase agencies, some product categories could be placed at bodywork manufacturers. Most of them can be placed at free workshop and dealer structures. We are familiar with these structures and know most of the decision makers in person. Strategy objectives result from local conditions and the product profile.
Preliminary information talks with prospective product partners
Selected bodywork manufacturers and dealers with distribution networks will be met in business settings and interviewed about their perception on involving your product category.
Preliminary sales talks with predestinated key accounts and in some cases with political decision makers


Accompanying measures for your market entry

• Translation of website and brochures
The language is essential to reach the people. It is an indispensable need to translate the website and brochures into German language.
Press releases
We describe a problem which matches to the USPs of your product. We communicate that you offer the solution. We place articles at newspapers with broad audience to reach political decision makers and the general population. Special interest newspapers might focus on the new market situation, when a new product enters the market. It helps to arouse interest of potential after sales partners.
Media monitoring
Media monitoring is the activity of checking the output in print and online media. The services include the systematic collection of press clippings from print media publications. It is a controlling tool and validation of performance.
Preliminary information talks with prospective aftersales partners
We are familiar with persons who own or are in charge of free associated workshops. Most of them are located near to agglomeration areas.
They will be met on occasions and will be interviewed about their perception on your special product.
Description of prospective aftersales partners
Persons who are seriously interested in beginning a partnership with you will be described in a profile. The profiles will be submitted to you. Consequently a formal invitation for a visit should follow.
Business trip with prospective aftersales partners
We have a lot of experiences in the organisation of business meetings and assistance of international delegations. We offer attendance and support during the business meetings. We organize the transport to the meeting, the translators (if needed) and provide support in all other questions of the participants during their stay.
Business trip with journalists
We maintain contacts with many specialized journalists. We know that a press trip would be noticed in a friendly manner and regarded with favor. We would nominate a press delegation of specified size. We offer attendance and support during the press trip. We organize the transport to the meeting, the translators (if needed) and provide support in all other questions of the participants during their stay.
Presentation of your product in Austria
We design a roadtrip across Austria, which covers most of the interests of potential key accounts.
Communication with aftersales partners
The product launch has been started on schedule. Nevertheless sales and marketing issues need to be promoted more than ever.

Ihre Internationalisierungsabteilung

Vorbereitung für den Markteintritt:

Analyse des Zielmarktes
Wir analysieren Ihren Zielmarkt, erheben Ihr Marktpotential und listen Ihre Mitbewerber.  
Auflistung potentieller Kooperationspartner
Wir nutzen unser Netzwerk in den Zielmärkten, um potentielle Kooperationspartner in einer Longlist darzustellen. Wir erstellen Profile der Vertriebs- und Produktpartner, ein Ranking erfolgt in Absprache mit Ihnen.
Vorgespräche mit den ausgewählten Kooperationspartnern
Wir führen die Vorgespräche und berichten an Sie.
Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Organisation der Zusammenkünfte. Unabhängig davon, ob Sie die Reise antreten oder den Vertriebs- und Produktpartner in Ihren Firmensitz einladen. Ebenso unterstützen wir Sie mit Dolmetschdienstleistungen.
Anpassung Ihrer Unterlagen an den Zielmarkt
Wir bringen Ihre Unterlagen wie Website und Borschüren in die gewünschte Zielsprache und berücksichtigen dabei interkulturelle Besonderheiten. Unser Übersetzungsteam besteht aus staatlich geprüften Simultandolmetschern für alle europäischen Sprachen und die Leitsprachen Asiens.
Teilnahme an einschlägigen Messen
Wir recherchieren die für Sie relevanten Messen in Ihrem Zielmarkt und verhandeln für Sie eine gute Präsenz. In Absprache mit Ihnen organisieren wir Ihren Messeauftritt.

Begleitmaßnahmen zum Markteintritt

Wir arbeiten mit klassischen und neuen Medien! Ihre Stories adaptieren wir für jedes Land und verteilen sie an die relevanten Medien! Wir kreieren Geschichten über viele nachrichtenwerte Nutzungsszenarien Ihres Produktes und Geschichten, welche das Alleinstellungsmerkmal Ihres Produktes im Zielmarkt hervorheben. Darüber hinaus organisieren wir Pressekonferenzen in Ihrem Zielmarkt.
Wir sind in ständigem Kontakt mit Fach- und Branchenjournalisten diverser Länder. Wir stellen gerne eine definierte Gruppe von Journalisten, welche Ihr Unternehmen besuchen. Ebenso unterstützen wir sie mit Dolmetschdienstleistungen.
Wir erarbeiten einen Medienplan (print+online) für die relevanten Medien im Zielmarkt, der über das gesamte Jahr eine flächendeckende Coverage ermöglicht.
Ihr Produkt muss am Zielmarkt so oft wie möglich Ihren potentiellen Kunden präsentiert werden. Wir entwickeln ein Präsentationskonzept für Ihren Zielmarkt und organisieren die dazugehörigen Veranstaltungen.
Fortlaufende Kommunikation mit Ihren Kooperationspartnern
Auch wenn eine Vertriebs- und Produktpartnerstruktur bereits etabliert ist, pflegen wir gerne die Konversation mit Ihren Partnern in ihrer Sprache.




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